Wireless Solutions

Wireless LAN  

The name 802.11 is derived from the IEEE standard that it represents. 802.11 refers to a family of wireless standards, each differing slightly in the implementation, but achieving the same goal, networking computers without wires. 
 IEEE 802.11g, has overtaken IEEE 802.11b as the most popular standard. This is commonly called Wireless LAN or Wi-Fi

MYVA wireless networks provides advanced solutions that will fit to any one any where.

At the present time the most commonly found 802.11 variant is 802.11g The Wi-Fi organization was created to ensure interoperability between 802.11b products.

The most common Wireless LAN technologies on the market.



Indoor Range

Outdoor Range



1-2 Mbps

100 metres

up to 20 km

2.4 GHz FHSS


11 Mbps

100 metres

up to 20 km

2.4 GHz DSSS


54 Mbps

100 metres

up to 5 km *



54 Mbps

100 metres

up to 23 km

2.4 GHz OFDM


Wireless WAN :

Point to Point and Point to Multipoint 

Point to point, or point to multipoint links, from a temporary building next door to as far as you can see. 2.4, 5.8Ghz secure 
video, voice & data links. Enterprise Level Robust Uptime, in all weathers, can transport voice and data.

Wireless WAN can  deliver high-speed data access and is an excellent alternative to wired access networks including ISDN, 
DSL and cable modems. This solutions can  allows carriers and new generation service providers to enjoy the benefits of 
"plug & play" subscriber installation, quick network deployment and an immediate return on investment.

MYVA network solutions  can connect multiple locations, up to 20 km apart, and carry video , voice & data traffic at speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Bridging solutions gives network access to previously unreachable places.
If you have a building that you wish to connect  to your your video , voice and / or data network, wireless bridging may be the answer.

  • Extend your network to other buildings without re-cabling, paying for data or leased line costs.

  • Don't duplicate PABX or network resources in off site buildings. 

  • Wireless links for security cameras

Industry standard technology, smooth upgrade path.
MYVA Wireless network  constructs bridges using Microwave  or RF wireless technologies. Wireless link are secured by encryption at each end, ensuring secure networking.

  • 802.11b 2.4Ghz wireless Links up to 11Mbps over distances up to 20 km.

  • RF 5.8Ghz Wireless bridges can carry up to 54Mbps and connect locations up to 28 km's away.

  • Bridge either an adjoining office or a building.  

  • License frequencies bridges can carry up to 150Mbps and connect locations up to 60 km's away 
    at 5-11Ghz.


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