Corporate Overview

Our Vision
Every organisation has unique needs. To gain a competitive advantage, organisations need solutions designed to meet their specific requirements. At MYVA, your needs are assessed, not your company size. You need a unique solution for your unique situation. We will listen to you, make sure your needs are understood, then, we will make an appropriate recommendation to ensure that your requirements are met as efficiently as possible.

We are committed to meeting the distinct, evolving needs of individual businesses we serve. MYVA's solutions provide a powerful combination of technology and business expertise.

Our Mission
To introduce innovative technologies to Australia and the Pacific region, focusing on communications solutions, such as BPL - broadband over power lines, VoIP, Wireless and  Video over IP applications. 

Our Company
MYVA, we always keep people in mind. We ask the right questions - What is the right solution for your company? How could we make this easier to use? - while looking for new and innovative technologies. MYVA products are recognized worldwide. 

Our company provide variety of broadband solutions suitable for small or large companies and for providers. we make sure to deliver the highest standard of quality in all aspects of our business.

Leading by Innovation
MYVA has developed a reputation for delivering innovative industry-leading technologies ranging from broadband over power line to wireless solutions. 

Ready for What's Next
In a country as dynamic as Australia, the winners are those who not only deliver devices that support today's in-demand applications and services, but are also poised to support the applications and services of tomorrow. With an eye to the future, . While we don't know what tomorrow's "killer application" will be, we're confident that MYVA will be there to be among the first ones.

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